Labyrinth Mountain, Washington State

Labyrinth MountainAnother night time hiking adventure, the third time this year we have arrived at the trailhead and hiked just as it was getting dark. It is a neat experience hiking to the dark, seeing the blanket of stars and breathing in the cool night air.

We found the lake after a steep ascent, and found a nice spot. We did not see how nice it was till the morning light. It only took us 70 minutes from the parking lot, but it was a good steep workout with a full pack.

After breakfast and a casual start to the day, it was time to pick our route up to Labyrinth. We decided on the trail heading up from the left of Minotaur lake.

Lots of tasty blueberries as we made our way up.


After we gained the ridge, we picked our route and scrambled our way over.

It was a fun and rewarding workout as we had to reroute a few times around the many rocks and outcrops along the ridge. Finally made it to the peak and enjoyed the views.

A few more pictures from our way down

A short trip in distance, but we had a full workout with scrambling around the ridge and exploring the area.

Link to my Gaia GPS of the trip 

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