Hope Mountain, BC

It was a day of clouds and steep uphill after a rocky trip up the Hope Mountain FSR. Definitely need a 4×4 for this hike and a big thank you to the people that keep the road and trail clear! A good article here on some history from Club Tread.

Hike to Hope Mountain, Hope BC

Hope Mountain

Mike and I originally were going to do something at the Coquihalla summit, but the weather was not cooperating and we decided to do something in Hope. I have always wanted to explore the Hope Mountain FSR as I have passed it many times on trips to Manning park and beyond. Seemed like a good day to explore, too bad we just had clouds at the top, but it was a good workout. A bad day on the trail is better than the best day at work 🙂



A good thing about the day was a visit to a new brewery in Maple Ridge and finding a new IPA and a Hazy Pale Ale as the Silver Valley Brewery.





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