Harmony Hub – where are my activities?

I have a Logitech Harmony Hub to control my entertainment devices and it works well, I never have to touch my original remotes, ‘One remote to rule them all’!

I have been starting to incorporate all my devices into Home Assistant and started to redo some of the Devices and Activities I have in the Harmony Hub. Unfortunately their desktop software does not work on the latest Mac OS, but their iOS app works ok, well except for hiding previous activities. I deleted some devices to refresh my Roku Channels and when I went to add back my Activities I received an error saying the activity name already existed! I could not find where these were listed, so I started poking around. If you go to the hamburger menu in the top left, and then go into Harmony Setup, there is a menu item Add/Edit Devices & Activities. This list all the activities, plus any orphaned ones that are not displayed on the main screen.

I was able to go through and delete all my old orphaned activities and was able to redo all my new ones. Now I have a fresh list of activities with Channels like Plex, YouTube and Apple TV to select from on Home Assistant.

More to come on integrating Home Assistant with the Harmony Hub.

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