Hassio and Z-Wave

So my Monoprice / Zooz 4 in 1 sensor was stuck reading the same temperature. I tried rebooting, complete shutdowns etc with no change. I had the idea to try and remove the node, but could not successfully remove the node by using the tools in the Z-Wave manager in Hassio.

I decided to do a new install on a separate SD card to see if the device was faulty or if it was a config issue. After playing around with a new install of Hassio, I could not communicate with the sensor as I was getting invalid certificate warnings etc. so I decided to copy over certificates, restore setting from my previous install, nothing worked.

In the end I could still not communicate with the sensor so I decided to reboot into my old install. Hmm, locked out and could not get back in. Well it is a good opportunity to do a fresh install and see what new things I can learn from the process.

So after the new install and getting things running again, still no luck with the sensor, but I did not have a Failed node along with the new node I setup. I did finally find a nugget of information that finally helped me. Removed my failed node, and I was back to using my sensor for controlling the fans in my house, yeah!

You might have to update state manual as described in the last section here: https://www.home-assistant.io/docs/z-wave/adding/ 34

  1. Go to the States menu under Developer tools in the Home Assistant frontend
  2. Click on the name of the zwave. entity you want to remove
  3. At the top, edit the JSON attributes to replace false with true for “is_failed”: false, so that it reads “is_failed”: true,
  4. Click Set State
  5. Go to the Z-Wave control panel in the Home Assistant frontend
  6. Click the Remove Failed Node button in the Z-Wave Network Management card
  7. The device will now be removed, but that won’t show until you restart Home Assistant


I did learn a lot more about Home Assistant / Hassio during this process. Always good to have situations where things don’t work. Yes it can be frustrating, but generally a good learning opportunity 🙂

Here is a copy of the Zooz ZSE40 VER. 2.0 Manual. The Monoprice manual did not have the proper reset instructions.


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