Scottish Lakes – Alpine Lakes Wilderness

The Scottish Lakes in the Alpine Lakes Wilderness in Washington State is a beautiful location that is rarely visited. Just Walk up permits, so no lottery system like the Enchantments.


The first stage of this 4 day / 3 night backpack was to hike up 3300 ft to Lake Ethel and make camp. It was nice to have a swim to cool down after the long hot hike up. It was a very windy night, but it was warm and we were able to sleep again without the fly on our tents.

We woke to a beautiful morning and headed to our main destination Larch Lake. Wow what a beautiful place!

We set up camp and then went for a quick hike up to Cup lake, another wow! We sat up there for an hour and a half watching the Marmorts dance among the rocks.


A view of Larch Lake from Cup Lake


After a very peaceful night at Larch Lake, it was time to leave and head to Loch Eileen, a small alpine lake on our way back out. We passed Lake Julius on the way to Loch Eileen, and found a great campsite for out last night.

We did do a quick 20 min hike up to Lake Donald, and also noted access up the ridge line above and what layed beyond for a future hike.


A very pleasant and rewarding backpack in the Alpine Lakes Wilderness, a definite 5 star, highly recommended place to explore.

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