Broken Top

While at the Beer Festival in my new favorite city Bend Oregon, where they grow hops in the street. We were talking to a couple of girls at the merchandise tent about hiking and they said we need to check out an unnamed lake just below the ridge of Broken Top. We did not have a set schedule and decided we could do this in the morning and then continue to drive to Cascade Locks for PCT days on Saturday.

The trailhead was only 1 hour out of town, but the majority of that was up a unmaintained rough road. Lucky we had the Taco Beast for backroad travels. The trailhead was easy to find and it was amazing to see some of the low clearance vehicles that made it up the road.

We realized after starting the trail we were again in the Three Sisters Wilderness, almost exactly a year after we did the Three Sisters Trail in the same area. Once on the ridger we ended up looking across the valley below to the trail we followed around the East side of the Sisters.

After a short 1.5 hour hike up we were amazed by this beautiful green coloured glacier fed lake. The pictures do not do it justice, seriously this has to be one of the most gorgeous places I have been. Another quick hike up to the ridge and we had a fantastic view of the Sisters with Jefferson and Hood in the distance.

Our hike was not finished as we decide to check out the bowl on the other side of Broken Top. A little off trail exploration made a full day of hiking.

Here is the GAIA GPS link for the trip. I had a problem with the app crashing and did not get it going till about 1 mile into the trip.

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