Installing a Yamaha RX-V683BL

Since I have been revisiting vinyl and bought a Turntable, I decided to look at a new receiver with a Phono input. I searched around and found that the Yamaha RX-V683BL had a high rating and everything I needed. The US price for this is 329.00 on, so I checked and it is $799.00, wow what a difference in price. I am lucky I live near the boarder and was able to order from with no issues.  It came to $500.00 instead of $799.00 plus tax, nice deal.

Lots of new discovered features and I was able to take out a few components.

A YouTube video review

Install was straight forward, just unplugged the old unit and Mono HDMI switch box and plugged in the new unit. I did have an issue with the YPAO measuring speaker not working and had to plug in my previous one to complete the setup, I will need to contact Yamaha support to see if I can get that replaced.

One feature that I liked with my current setup was being able to show different video on the TV while I listened to different music sources. I was afraid I lost this till I started playing with the Scenes feature on the new receiver. It took a little bit to figure it out, but I found I needed to use the Options Button on the remote to make changes to inputs and sound, then I could go to Scenes, Load / check Details, Rename, Change Icon and Save. Then I could select the Scene Number as an Input on my Harmony Remote Setup.




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