Garage door automation with Sonoff and Hassio


I finally have my garage door automation working with Home Assistant, a Sonoff SV, iOS notifications, actions and Google Assistant.

It has been a challenge with changes in syntax between HA versions and getting the right format in yaml files. It is nice to finally get it figured out.

I followed Dr. Z’s videos for the most part, but had to do research for the iOS notifications and actions.

Here are my files on Git Hub

Parts used:


Commands entered in the Sonoff Console:

  • Switchretain 1
  • Powerretain 1
  • switchtopic2 sonoff
  • switchmode1 0
  • switchmode2 2
  • PulseTime1 10


Pins to hook the reed switch to:

  • GPIO 14 to 10 Switch2
  • GPIO 4 to 22 Relay2

Link to iOS Automations


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