Home Assistant Down!!!!


I did an update to the latest version of Home Assistant, and boom it did not boot.

I am running Hassio on a Raspberry Pi 3 B+ and did not have a permanent monitor hooked up to it, and has to scramble to find a monitor with HDMI.

In the end I did not need to hook up a monitor, I was able to ssh in with no problem. I ran :

hassio homeassistant check

This displayed I had an error in my automations.yaml.

cd /config

vi automations.yaml

removed the extra space in front of a -dash (Gotta love yaml </sarcasm>) and boom the config passed and I reloaded with.

hassio homeassistant start

Hassio has some nice built in commands to diagnose and help get things back up.

List of command 

I also noticed that you can restore snapshots from here

hassio sn –list

hassio cn -slug ######

Always good to have an issue like this so you can learn to diagnose and fix. It took me awhile to figure it out by bang my head against the keyboard, but in the end I learned a great deal more 🙂


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